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Et si Duarib démontre que la sécurité est économiquement rentable pour toutes les entreprises: coût du matériel inférieur au coût d'un salarié accidenté(indemnités accident du travail, indisponibilité..),temps de montage pas plus long que gérer les problèmes issus d'un accident(suivi, déclaration..
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How can Duarib promote its solutions for working at height in sectors of the economy other than building and civil engineering?

When we think about ‘working at height’, what springs to mind immediately is the world of building and civil engineering.  But construction industry professionals are not the only ones who have to work at height. Cleaning, repairs and assembly are recurring tasks in all kinds of business sectors and these are not carried out only from ground level. That is why DUARIB, the French specialist in working at height produces scaffold towers and individual working platforms adapted to the specific needs of each business sector. Nowadays, health and safety requirements laid down by the Working at Height regulations apply to all businesses in the public and private sectors. DUARIB products scrupulously observe the regulatory requirements.